Drugs Colchicine 1mg to treatment Gout

1/ Composition : colchicine 1mg


2/ Pharmacollogy :

The principal pharmacologic effect of colchicine is its antigout activity. colchicine deminishes the leucocyte mobility, inhibits the phagocytsis of urate microcrystls and the inhibits the production of lactic acid by maintaining normal PH

The anti inflammatory activity of colchicine is weak

3/ Pharmacokinetics: Colchicone  is absorbed by the oral route undergoes enterohepatic cycle and reaches peak conenttration in the plasma within 2 hour.

4/ Indications :

Acute attac of gout

Prophylaxis of recurrent gout ad to prevent acute attacks during the first few months of treatment with allopurinol or Uricosurics

Periodic fever

Other accute microcrystallinic attacks: chodrocalcinosis, sarcoid arthrittis, arthrittis associated wth erythema nodosum.

5/ Dosage and administration : as physician’s prescription

The suggested dose is:

First day : take 3 tablets daily ( 1 in the morning, 1 at noon and 1 in the evening )

2nd , 3rd day : take 2 tablets daily ( 1 in the morning, 1 at the evening )

4th day and following days:  :  take one tablets in the evening.

The total dose do not exceed 10 tablets. treatment doses should not be repeated for at least 3 day.

6/ Contraindications:

hypersentivity to any ingredients of this drug.

severe renal insufficiency

severe hepatic insufficiency


ptientd with of narrow angle glaucoma.

7/ Overdose:

Toxic dose: about 10mg. lethal dose >40mg
If overdose is suspected, contact a poison control center or emergency room right away


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