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Weight Loss Stories of sarah DeArmond

Sarah DeArmond talked about her motivation for weight loss, “I know that obesity can actually kill me. I want to live”.
Name: Sarah DeArmond , Age: 27 , Family Status: Married , Occupation: Homemaker, Location: Calera, Alabama

Weight before weight: 200 pound
Weight after weight loss: 120 pound

As a child, Sarah DeArmond is 28 year old now, she usally was teased about her weight, she too skinny then. But during college, lack of physical activity and loss of control eating fast food with her rapid weight gain.
After Sarah got married in 2009. Instead of cooking, “we just call delivery pizza or macaroni cheese every night,” she said. In three years, Sarah’s weight climbs to 200 pound
She felt exhausted all the time without a specific reason, and found myself wheezing breath whenever she goes up a staircase. Following this, her blood pressure is high. “I know that obesity can really kill me,” she said. “I want to live”.


Weight Loss Stories of sarah DeArmond 1
In spring 2013, Sarah began to reform his diet. In the next two years, she has been exercise active and she has a heart and  body healthy, her weight only 120 pound
This is how Sarah said, she was able to accomplish his goals:
– Choose exercises for your convenience. “I have an exercise bike so I can practice whenever I want. I like biking while I watch TV.”
-Shop smart. “To distract the temptation to go shopping, I have a rule that” no garbage in the cart. “I did not even set foot in the aisles selling them.
– Created the new recipes healthier.

Weight Loss Stories of sarah DeArmond 2
She also had a small note for people who want to lose weight should pay attention:
We often confuse hunger and desire to eat food when they lose water, she said, so we need to drink water regularly.
Foods with nutrients both help you fuller for longer and provide energy and it takes some time for your body to digest them, so they stay in your system longer. Nuts like pistachios and almonds are high in protein and fiber and can erase your appetite.
Stay away from stress because stress is known to increase your appetite, take a few minutes of meditation or find something to relax can help you conquer the road to lose weight, avoid eating any something in your eye

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