Drugs Coltramyl 4mg have composition Thiocolchicoside . Coltramyl 4mg product is muscle relaxant , indications Rehabilitation , Dysmenorrhea, wryneck, back pain, with spasm..

Amedolfen Indications : anti-inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis

Voltaren Idications : is an analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory

Brexin Indications : for symptomatic relief of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis

1/ Composition:

Thiocolchicoside 4mg

Excipients: potato starch gelatin, latose monohydrat, magnesium stearate, sucros, talc … for a tablet.

Médicament Coltramyl 4 mg healthca.info


Thiocolchicosid is a muscle relaxant. Coltramyl 4mg eliminates or significanlty reduces muscle cramps or cantrl origin : hypertonic muscle spasm, it reduces the passive resistance of musle in extension and reduces or eliminates residual muscular contractions. The muscle relaxant action also manifests on the smooth muscle of internal organs : particularly the uterus.

Coltramyl 4mg has selective affinity over GABA receptors and also has glycinergic properties. The medication have no action on voluntary muscle, therefore has no impact on the respiratory system nor the circulatory system.


After ingestion, the peak plasma concentration of thiocolchicoside is observed in 50 minite. The half-life is 4.5 hours. Coltramyl 4mg is excreted unchanged via the renal and extra-renal way at the same time.


Coltramyl 4mg product is muscle relaxant. It is recommended in adults ( more than 15 year ) as an adjuvant treatmet for painful muscular contractions in :

– Vertebral degeneratve pathologies and posture disorders of the vertebral column : wryneck, back pain, lumbogo

– Neurological and traumatic pathologies ( with spasm )

– Rehabilitation

– Dysmenorrhea.


Coltramyl 4mg product MUST NOT  BE USED  in the following cases

– History af allergy to thiocolchicoside, to colchicine or to any component of the excipients.

– Laction.

– During the first quarter of pregnancy.


For adults only ( above 15 years of age )

The usual dosage is 4 tablets daily, divided in two intakes.

Swallow the tables with a glass of water during meals.


Use with care in patients with history of epiledsy or seizures.

Inform your physician in case of diarrhea so that he can readjust the dosage.

Inform your physician in case of stomah pain.

Due to the presence of sugar and lactose , Coltramyl 4mg should not be used in cases of congenital hypergalactosemia, fructose intolerance, glucose and galactose malabsorption syndrome lastase, sucrase-isomaltase insufficiency


Studies on pregnant women are still limited. The potential risks to the fetus should be taken into account on the use of the medication to pregnant women. It is advised not to use the medicine during the first quarter of gastation.

If it happens that you are pregnant while taking the medicaion, immediately consult your physician who can adap the treatment to your condition.

Do not use the prodcut during breast-feeding for thiocolchicoside is secreted into mother’s milk

Ask your docter or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine


Not been recorded

In order to avoid any iteractions betwee several drugs, your must always inform your physician or pharmacist of any other on-going treatment.


– Very rate allergic reactions such as urticaria, oedema of the face and exceptionaly anaphylatic shock.

– Very rate skin reactions such as itching erythema, rash and exceptionly rash with vesicles or blisters

– Rate digestive disorders: diarrhoea, stomach pain


No overdose reported. in the event of overdose, immediately inform your doctor.

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