Dengue fever in children is a disease very dangerous , so you need to know how to prevent and treat this disease.

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1. Signs of Dengue fever in children

Dengue fever in children usually sudden high fever, previously completely healthy child, duration of fever from 2-7 days, accompanied by the following expression flushing, skin congestion, muscle aches, joint pain, headache. In some cases, the child may be accompanied by sore throat, eye conjunctivitis, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

Infants may include cough or runny nose diarrhea. At this time, the symptoms are often nonspecific, indistinguishable to other infectious viruses.

Subsequently, patients may present with bleeding such as petechiae appear (the red dots do not disappear when pressed on) are usually in the forearm, legs, armpits, chest, waist; mucosal bleeding, such as nose bleeds, bleeding teeth, bloody stools. At puberty female can vaginal bleeding.

Dengue fever in children - signs and treatments of Dengue

The symptoms of dengue is rare in the early days. The liver can big after a few days. When blood count test at this time, the results showed leukopenia, it is a sign warning of the dengue.

From day 3-7 of illness, children begin antipyretic about 37.50C to 380C or lower, some patients appear the warning signs as lethargy, fatigue, vomiting much, abdominal pain, mucosal bleeding, liver enlargement, or some cases progress to dengue shock expression with cold hands and feet, mild tachycardia, hypertension measured clamp or not. All such cases should be hospitalized immediately and follow the instructions of your doctor. If extended to the state of shock, patients can damage many organs, can lead to death.

2. Care properly help children heal the sick and improve the situation of child deaths

Some cases of Dengue fever in children are treatment outpatient at home, parents need to know how to care for children, which can not be ignored stitching consult a doctor before applying.

+ Antipyretic properly for children:

Children drink Paracetamol ingredients antipyretics, at a dose of 10 – 15mg / kg body weight, repeat drink 4 to 6 hours if the child is fever ≥ 380C (Note: Only given prescription and indicated by the treating physician) .Lau cool for young children with lukewarm water when high fever discomfort, to avoid complications of febrile seizures for children.

Dengue fever in children - signs and treatments of Dengue

+  Ensure rehydration and nutrition for children include:

Foods: feeding the liquid food, nutritious, easy to digest, such as porridge, soup, milk and so for small meals.

– Water: children drink more than usual. recommended for ages drinking water is filtered, cooled boiled water, juices: orange juice, lemon juice, or mixed oresol 1 liter of water 1 package of nine drinking gradually.

– Vitamins: Children need to supply additional vitamins A, vitamins B, vitamins C to enhance the metabolic activity for the body and strengthen the immune system, the body’s resistance against diseases.

+ Re-examined every day by appointment of doctors. Even in the morning, afternoon in the peak days of the disease.

Early detection of exacerbations signs to emergency hospital admissions for children in time: be watched closely as the most dangerous moment of dengue is when the child is fever (usually from day 3 –  6) children can become severe and lead to death shock quickly if not detected in time. If any of these signs need to take the child immediately to the hospital:

– Crying, irritability, discomfort or roll back packing li

– Stomachache

– Nosebleeds, blood teeth or vomiting blood, black stools

– Cold limbs, lying in bed does not play, not feeding, eating away

+ Absolutely avoid the negative impact of the following:

– Do not scrape the wind, cutting officiate because of hurting and can cause bleeding, infection to the child

– Do not allow children to drink these beverages as Coca black or red, Pepsi, root beer … because could confuse mistaken for gastrointestinal bleeding in children.

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