How to prevent mastitis while breastfeeding effectively

Diseases of women menopause

Lung cancer

The first-time mothers who gave birth often inflamed mammary glands. This condition can last up to 3-4 weeks later. People with arthritis will be able to mammary blood palsy, causing abscesses and surgical intervention if not treated promptly.

Prevent mastitis While Breast-Feeding

The symptoms of mastitis

When inflamed mammary glands, breast swelling the mother should see pain, irregular milk. In addition, inflammation can cause mammary ducts uncommon, mild skin color red or red, with small local islands. Together with that, the mother has a fever, fear of cold, headache, body aches, chest ie, moss thin white or yellowish tongue.

The mother will feel pain a lot of pus stage. Now the mother breasts will be swollen, red leather hot clumps or both breasts, increasing pain, high fever and pus not lowered locally, people become irritable, thirsty mouth to drink, nature red tongue, moss tongue Yes. Can prevent and limit the harmful effects of mastitis by following simple ways.

Udder hygiene care in pregnancy

The first thing preventing mastitis while breastfeeding is about to pull out gradually pacifier nipple daily if indented or flat, especially since five months pregnant. Pregnant women should rinse, then apply it to little oil, making the skin thicker and more stable nipple, childbirth and breastfeeding will not crack again.

Prevent mastitis While Breast-Feeding

Mothers should breastfeed are 2 sides

Infants typically every 3-4 hours once again feeding. Each time to breastfeed, you should breastfeed on both sides, all in the breast-feeding a new side to the other exchange.

Breastfeeding mothers should correct posture

Breastfeeding correct posture is very important, so more favorable feeding young. help children enjoy sucking milk as well as minimizing the impact force at the beginning of the breast.

Prevent mastitis While Breast-Feeding

Mother not to wear bras with metal frames

After birth mother’s breasts often tense, loud and sagging. Mothers should not wear bras with rimmed metal frames during the period of breastfeeding. If wearing lactation period, milk flow will hardly be stagnant circulation and milk. The mother should wear special bras for mothers and nursing mothers.

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