You should maintain a healthy lifestyle including habits such as getting enough sleep, performed muscle stretching exercises, eating enough, the morning sun … will help improve increase height over 20 age even after the age of puberty.

Tips increase height in just one month

Weight gain for a picky eater

Diet and nutrition is a top target

Diets rich in nutrition plays a crucial role in increase height over 20 age, including calcium, phosphorus, iodine and magnesium. The amount of trans fat and saturated fat should be limited in the diet because they are difficult to digest and hinders the absorption of nutrients. To get the protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and calcium necessary for growth and healthy development, should choose the following foods: carrots, egg yolks, beef, fish, liver, green vegetables, potatoes tomatoes, beans, fruits like apples, bananas, milk, nuts like almonds and peanuts …

Tips increase height over 20 age

Especially calcium helps maintain bone and cartilage healthy development. Also, drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily to detoxify the body help increase height over 20 age

Advocacy is a factor not to be missed

Sports increase height over 20 age such as swimming, jogging, playing basketball, jumping rope, stairs or movements who stand up and stretch to help the body be relaxed, especially the vertebrae are stretched.

Tips increase height over 20 age

Enough sleep

Quality sleep affects overall health and helps the growth hormone is produced and actively promote bone is longer. The correct sleeping posture is also important to help you increase height over 20 age :

– Use a mattress or comfortable bed, clean clothes, soft during sleep.

– Keep the room dark and quiet space will be to facilitate easy content asleep.

– Bath tub with warm water and relaxing the mind to help you sleep deeply.

Tips increase height over 20 age

Avoid the growth inhibition

Alcohol, smoking, staying up late is the cause of inhibiting the development and affect the function of natural height growth of the body.

Smoking increases the carbon monoxide in the blood inevitably restricts the flow of blood and nutrients to the developing area, causing adverse effects increase height over 20 age.

Staying up late and smoking also causes the body to reduce the amount of testosterone, a hormone related to anabolic muscle and bone development.

Tips increase height over 20 age

Exercises Horizontal Bar

Height will change about 1 cm at the time of the day. When sleeping, stretching the spine are completely so you achieve the highest status. As it stands, the body weight fell on parts vertebrae will make you look shorter. Therefore, do exercises to help spinal crossbar better developed

Tips increase height over 20 age

Go Out enjoying the sun

Walking or movement in space fresh and the sun will provide vitamin D for the body to absorb calcium for strong bones and development.

Tips increase height over 20 age

The muscle stretching exercises

Every morning, should take 15 minutes to exercise muscle stretching exercises after waking up as head bowed and his hands pressed against the pillow to hug the foot  … help stretch musculoskeletal system effective.

Tips increase height over 20 age


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