To not be “missed the plan” , you needs to learn and implement immediately the popular method contraceptive below. This is best methods to contraceptive

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Condoms for men

best methods to contraceptive, use condoms bringing on men’s penis. This method prevents pregnancy by preventing sperm exposed to an egg. Condoms are often available free of charge at the health center if the purchase price and also pretty cheap. Clear benefits in addition to contraception are condoms can protect both men and women to avoid infection through sex.

7 best methods to contraceptive

However because condoms made from latex thin so it can be torn during sex and makes women an unwanted pregnancy. Also, some people may also allergic to latex should be able to use condoms made from plastic alternatives.

Condom for woman

Also made of latex, the female condom has the same design as a ring-shaped bag. This will fit to put inside your vagina. The female condom will make the task seized semen during intercourse, sperm had no chance to go deep inside the female body. Female condoms more expensive the male condom, available in pharmacies to sell.

7 best methods to contraceptive

Like the male condom, condoms for women this would prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, fewer torn during intercourse but that women do not feel comfortable.


Diaphragms dome-shaped, shallow, rimless plastic, is made of latex to be placed in the vagina. Diaphragm helps prevent pregnancy by preventing the sperm combines with the egg. To promote all effects, diaphragms should be used in conjunction with spermicide.


The diaphragm works in two ways: diaphragm prevents sperm from entering the uterus and the spermicide in the diaphragm to prevent the movement of sperm.

Daily Pill

One of the most best methods to contraceptive, daily Pill containing hormones prevents ovulation  The drug is used daily to be effective.

7 best methods to contraceptive


After implants will take effect after 24 hours and is effective for 3 years. In implants containing hormone should be implanted rods do not need to use any other contraceptive methods.

However, this method also has some disadvantages. According to statistics, about 12% of cases of amenorrhea, menorrhagia 24%, more than 3% of cases using implants feel headache, approximately 4% of acne … In addition, there other side effects such as mild weight gain, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness sensation.

7 best methods to contraceptive

Anytime want pregnant woman can discontinue use of the normal pregnancy. However, should refrain from applying this contraception for 3 months or more before pregnancy to the body back to a steady state.

Contraceptive patch

Contraceptive patch is a thin piece of about 4.5 cm2, paste directly on the skin of the buttocks, abdomen, upper back or biceps. Contraceptive patch Continuous delivery two synthetic hormone progestin (norelgestromin) and estrogen (ethinyl estradiol), similar to the hormones the body produces naturally.

7 best methods to contraceptive

Contraceptive patch works by preventing ovulation in a woman. If the egg does not fall out, the sperm can not fertilize and can not get pregnant. The patch also makes the cervical mucus thick, making difficult sperm from meeting the egg.

When using this method, you should consult your doctor and carefully read the user manual.


IUDs are common use for the mother after birth  . IUD is a small object made of plastic is a small amount of copper to be a doctor or nurse has professional experience  put into the uterus to create chemical changes detrimental to sperm and eggs before they met. At the end of round have 2 soft rope.

7 best methods to contraceptive

Effectiveness of this method of contraception up to over 99%.

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