Drug Ginkor FORT have composition 24% heterosides Ginkgo and 6% Ginkgolides-bilobalide, Heptaminol chlorhydride, Troxerutine. Indication acute haemorrhoidal, venolymphatic insufficiency

Daflon 500mg indications venous circulation disorders : swollen legs, acute hemorrhoidal


Capsule Box of 30 blistered capsules


For a capsule of 0,625g

– Active ingredients:

Standardized Ginkgo biloba extract containing

24% heterosides Ginkgo and 6% Ginkgolides-bilobalide        0,014 g

Heptaminol chlorhydride (DCI)   0,300 g

Troxerutine (DCI)    0,300 g

– Excipients: Magnesium Stearate, silicic acid.

Ginkor FORT - Ginkgo biloba extract, heptaminol and troxerutin


Egb 761 (Standardized Ginkgo biloba Extract):

– Enhances venous vascular tone, counters the hyper- permeability of vessel walls, strengthens their resistance, prevents plasma leakage and edematous effect.

– Effects on cellular metabolism (improve cell respiration, production of ATP).

– Inhibiting the production of free radicals. Scavenging free radicals. Preventing lipo- peroxidation. Protecting collagen micro-fibrils.

Heptaminol chlorhydrate: Used in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders.


–        Is an antioxidant.

–        Improve capillary function by reducing abnormal leakage.

–        Has been given to relieve capillary impairment and venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, and for heamorrhoids.

The maximum contractile effect of Heptaminol was increased 20- 30% in the presence of ECb. With the combination of 3 active ingredients, Ginkor Fort is a venotonic and vasculoprotector, increases venous tonicity, vessel resistance, decreases their permeability and protects collagen fibers.

These effects are accompanied by a local inhibitory activity against several pain-inducing mediators (histamine, bradykinin, serotonin), lysosomal enzymes and free radicals capable of inducing inflammatory processes and degradation of collagen fibers. Ginkor Fort promotes venous return to the right side of the heart due to Heptaminol chlohydrate in the formula.


Considering the active ingredients associated, no pharmacokinetic study has been performed in human.


– Treatment of symptoms related to the venolymphatic insufficiency (heavy legs, pain, primodecubitus restless legs,…).

– Treatment of functional signs related to the acute haemorrhoidal attack.


– Venolymphatic insufficiency: 2 capsules per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

– Acute haemorrhoidal attack: loading treatment 3 to 4 capsules per day during 7 days, at mealtimes.


Those related to heptaminol hyperthyroidism, association with MAOIs (monoaminoxydase inhibitors) because of the risk of hypertension.


– Due to the presence of Heptammol, observation of blood pressure at the start of treatment is recommended in all sublets suffering from severe arterial hypertension.

– Acute haemorrhoidal attack administration of the product does not dispense from specific treatment of other anal diseases. The treatment must be short. If symptoms do not resolve rapidly, a haemorrhoidal examination should be carried out and the treatment should be reconsidered.

– Venolymphatic insufficiency: this medicinal product is fully effective when used in combination with a healthy lifestyle:

+ Avoid exposure to the sun and heat, standing for long periods, and excess body weight.

+ Prolonged walking and wearing of special compression stockings promote venous circulation.

– To sportsmen: this product contains an active ingredient (heptaminol) which is likely to induce positive signs when doping tests are carried out.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask for the advice of your doctor of pharmacist.


In case of overdosage of Ginkor FORT, hospitalization of the patient is advised for careful surveillance of blood pressure and heart rate.


Experiments in animals have failed to reveal any teratogenic effects. In humans, the risk is unknown since there is no study within the first quarter of pregnancy. However, no malformative effect has been reported to date.

Lactation: It is not known whether the drug is excreted in human milk, so it is not advised to administrate the drug during lactation.


The simultaneous administration of monoaminoxydase inhibitors (MAOI) should be avoided: risk of hypertensive episode due to the presence of heptaminol.



STORAGE CONDITION AND SHELF LIFE : To be stored in a dry place below 30 C.

Shelf life Ginkor FORT 2 years.

Do not exceed the date plainly indicated on the packaging.

Keep out of reach of children.

For further information, please consult your doctor of pharmacist.

Country of origin: France


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