3 following good foods for the fetus, especially the development of the brain.

Abstinence after childbirth

Prevent mastitis effectively while breastfeedin

Food beneficial bacteria and polyunsaturated fatty acids PUFA good for both mother and child

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and beneficial bacterial food is proven to help reduce the risk of mother elected allergies. The scientists said that infants should be receiving the resident gut bacteria in the birth process.

It’s like a smaller ecosystem contains many microorganisms that help strengthen the immune system. In addition, beneficial bacteria food also supports the production of beneficial bacteria in the body mothers help combat pathogens.

good foods for the fetus

Flaxseed or flaxseed oil to help both mother and child resistance increases during pregnancy

PUFA bring utilities to improve the ability to adapt to the peripheral elements of the body. The PUFA-rich foods include flaxseed oil and walnut oil. Mushroom milk kefir and yogurt, the bacteria provide many benefits.


Spices is also good foods for the fetus. If you give up some favorite spices for fear of affecting the fetus, then this is probably not good news. Recent studies show that babies tend to eat more if mothers eat much before the food has flavor like vanilla or garlic.

The child’s brain development depends on the type of flavor when they want to learn about the new food.


Choline is an important nutrient good foods for the fetus similar to Vitamin B, and often are lumped together in a group, as a member of the vitamin B complex (vitamin B-complex). The body only produce very small amounts of choline; therefore, the use of choline-rich foods have important implications.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are often advised to select foods rich in iron, calcium and folate. Some functional foods to supplement this nutrient. However, according to recent statistics in women who have high income, they often enough choline supplementation.

Choline is an important link in the development of the fetal brain. Eat tofu, beef chops, eggs for more choline. Should consume about 450 mg choline / day during pregnancy and 550mg / day for breastfeeding.

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